657 Creative Studios LLC™

Shop sassy, inspirational, and minimalist digital products* for individuals with a growth mindset.

*(e.g. printables and phone wallpaper - with ebooks and coloring pages in the works!)

Our mission

Dedicated to creating a safe space to inspire, empower, and explore the creative process with authenticity and integrity by honoring the emotions behind the words - even in something as "simple" as a printable, ebook, or various types of digital downloads.

Our vision

To inspire and empower people's creative visions to thrive by creating digital downloads (e.g. printables, ebooks, coloring pages, and Canva templates), while navigating the creative process with honesty, trust, and transparency.

Our values

657 Creative Studios values: Be genuine, Be authentic, Be open, Be transparent, Trust the process and each other

Be genuine when communicating and say what you mean, instead of dancing around the subject.

Be authentic and only carry over the changes you want and that work best for each piece of writing, not because you feel obligated to.

Be open and practice open communication. Don't make the other person guess what you're thinking. Be clear, not confusing.

Be transparent when you communicate. Although we're pretty awesome, we're not mind readers and we can't do *everything*.

Trust the process and each other since you've found your way here (subconsciously or otherwise!), so we may as well work hard and get the most out of this while we're here.

Why 657?

When I was researching and coming up with a name for my biz, I wanted an offbeat, yet catchy name that was a little "outside the box."

So, I Googled the time of sunrise, since my name Dawn means sunrise. 

That day, it was 6:57 a.m. 

6-5-7, I thought it had a nice sound to it.

In the following days, I couldn't get the numbers 6-5-7 out of my head. It was catchy! 

If there's anything I've learned from reading marketing books by Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin, and in particular Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip Heath and Dan Heath - it's that sticky language is the key to being remembered.

6-5-7. The "dawn" of a new day. 

And the same three consecutive digits from one of my previous phone numbers.

You could say "it was meant to be!"

Seriously though, what are the chances?

So 657, that's the name.

This adventure as 657 Studios™ is a great way to combine all of my interests: writing and editing, graphic design, typography, and formatting. How fun! 

Come back again soon to see what's new.

About me

Hey! It's nice to "meet" you.

My name is Dawn Coutu and I'm the founder of 657 Creative Studios LLC. 

Based out of New Hampshire - and with classic New England charm, my writing often focuses on the patterns between relationships (both literal and metaphorical) and nature, and unlikely connections between the two.

I love comedy, especially dry humor, wordplay, puns, and satire - not necessarily in that order.

A lot of my background centers around writing and workshops. With the idea that coming together to share our work gives us valuable insights that we wouldn't otherwise get. 

This presents the opportunity to include insights in my digital media work, as well as printables, etc. So, stay tuned for that!