Social media experience

Listen to the curated private playlist, featuring fan-favorite songs from live performances at the Capitol Center for the Arts.

Created specifically for CCA volunteers to feel connected (and relive shared happy memories!) during the pandemic when the theaters were closed for approximately 18 months.

Engaging volunteers online through social media during the Covid-19 Pandemic

One of my favorite playlists🎶

Donna F., Capitol Center for the Arts Volunteer

Listen on Spotify

The process

Step 1: Asked for song recommendations from volunteers at the Capitol Center for the Arts

Asked for song and artist recommendations from the volunteers who had seen these performers live at the Capitol Center for the Arts.

Step 2: Compiled the list of songs people wanted on the Spotify playlist

Compiled the volunteers' song and artist suggestions into a fun-to-listen-to playlist on Spotify, which is accessible even if you don't have a paid account.

    Step 3: Shared the finished playlist in the private volunteers group on Facebook and encouraged people to listen

    Shared the playlist in the private volunteers-only Facebook group, encouraging folks to listen.

      Performing arts volunteer

      Positive feedback

      Dawn was and is a very active and reliable volunteer for the Capitol Center for the Arts (CCA). She has been active in keeping the volunteers connected through technology during this pandemic.

      Group Facebook posts and projects including video recording book reading for students in the Concord School District and playlists of live music from performers that had shows at the CCA that the volunteers experienced together are just a few ways she has participated to help keep the volunteers connected during this time away from live performances.

      Cheryl Lampron, Former Front of House Manager and Volunteer Coordinator, Capitol Center for the Arts

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