Frequently Asked Questions

What's your writing philosophy?

I prefer not to use clichés as much as possible. While they're overused for a reason, they're also not the most clear way to make your point.

I like writing in a way that feels "new," like you're experiencing something for the first time. That reminds you of someplace you've been before, yet can't place.

What types of writing do you enjoy?

Let's see, personal essays, as well as poetry, non-fiction, and fantasy books. 

I also love reading cooking books. There's so much to learn!

What types of persuasive writing have you done?

Radio script, copywriting, including landing pages, wireframing, product, website, and catalog copy; magazine feature articles, newspaper and community-based events and articles, overhead announcements (think: pre-sales, memberships, and to encourage customer loyalty. 

As well as curating events with complete details for the statewide literary calendar, emails, leads for publishing opportunities, resumes, bios, among others.

What types of writing can you provide?

In-depth blog articles about writing or psychology, feature articles, guest posts, content writing, constructive feedback on poems or 1-2 pages of your personal writing.

I can also provide you with: a filled out About section bio on LinkedIn, content, proofreading, and structural feedback on your resume, and / or customized graphic designs for your business.

Where are you based?

I'm based in New Hampshire, although I've lived in New England my entire life. I'm happy to say, though, that I am available for a wide variety of projects because I work remotely.

What do you charge?

That depends on the project you have in mind. Although I have a few packages available on my Services page, so check 'em out. I'm willing to discuss different projects that are not listed, as well. Start by sending me a message.

How do you charge?

I charge by the project. Although, if you have another project in mind, then I'll come up with a custom quote for you. No worries.

What is your process?

We'll start by scheduling a time to talk, where I'll actively listen to you, ask questions, and take notes. I'll probably ask you for one phrase that your loved one used to say a lot. This helps me understand your story and the person better. 

Then, I'll go through my notes and start writing down your story. My focus will be on writing the story in your voice as much as possible, while also using emotive language so you'll be able to visualize the story as it goes along. Pretty neat.

You'll receive the story as a PDF, so you'll be able to open it on any computer or your phone and reminisce or share your story whenever you like.

How can I contact you?

You may contact me by phone, text, or email. This information is listed on the Contact page, as well as the footer.

How do you work?

My creative process involves getting all the information up front by having the conversation with you, then spending time with the story you shared with me. I'll find the right words to tell the story and organize the thoughts, so it makes sense. The final product will be written like a story, so you can read it, curled up with a blanket on a rainy day.

What is digital media?

Digital media is media distributed using the computer, often visual information for entertainment or education. Different than the media of yesteryear like radio and newspapers, although there's nothing wrong with those methods. Digital is a different approach, innovative compared to the media we're used to.

When people think of digital media, they usually think of social media - yet it also includes software, videos, websites, and ads. Although it's not limited to that. 

Now when I use the term "digital media," I'm talking websites, social media pages and optimization, ads, any digital-based platforms you use on a regular basis - and of course designs made using Canva.

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